“In sorrow we must go, but not in despair. Behold! we are not bound forever to the circles of the world, and beyond them is more than memory.”
J.R.R. Tolkien

What happens when we die?  Are we simply a brain inside a mortal body that ceases to function on physical death?  Is the essence of  our being suddenly and irrevocably erased from all existence as we take our final breath or do we in fact continue on in some other form?

This question is at the root of our deepest fears – It shapes our beliefs and strongly motivates how we live our lives.  Some people believe that when we die we are taken to a wonderful place, a heaven, where we rejoin our respective god or gods and live forever in peace and tranquility.  For other’s who think that religion is merely a fanciful delusion,  they believe that this life is all there is and consider death an ending not only to the body but to the self.

So who is right – Is there some way for us to know what happens when a person dies? Well some people have survived the clinical death of the body and have actually returned to tell the tale.

There is now a wealth of information on Near Death Experiences (NDE’s).  People that have suffered from accidents or other life-threatening situations have often experienced floating above their physical body and observing surgeons or paramedics busily trying to revive them.  They speak also of meeting with diseased friends and relatives, of being shown halls of great knowledge and traveling to different realms. Generally when they return, they are changed.  They no longer have a fear of death and therefore live their lives more boldly and lovingly than before the experience.

As well as people that have experienced NDE’s , there are now many stories emerging of people that remember having lived before.  Children that have remembered previous lives have detailed knowledge about places, things and people that they have NEVER encountered before in this life, yet uncannily know the most insignificant details about them.

So is this proof that we as human beings live on in some form after death? –  From a scientific perspective, probably not.

Psychologists would argue that people can readily make up stories that they personally believe to be true, but have no real basis in objective reality.  Also in the case of NDE’s, medical doctors would counter that the experiences that people have are merely hallucinations, caused by the slow death of cells in the brain.  How do you therefore prove in an unbiased, non-subjective way that there is an element of human consciousness that may survive death?  Perhaps technology may be the answer!

Since the advent of the digital camera, strange orb shape and misty objects have been gracing the pages of people’s photo collections.  Orbs are generally explained away by the experts as being caused by dust particles or water droplets being captured by the lens of the camera.  Unfortunately for the experts however, there are too many instances where orb phenomena in digital photography can not be satisfactorily explained in terms of dust or water. (more on this subject in an upcoming post)

Night vision goggles as used by the military and security cameras often show some unusual phenomena as well.  These technologies detect Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF) in the infrared band, which is generally not visible to the naked eye. Unlike digital still-photography, infrared cameras and night vision instruments are able to detect orb movement in the environment in real-time. When two or more cameras are used in conjunction with each other, readings between the two can be validated. Is it possible therefore, that the aspect of self that leaves the body during NDE’s, and perhaps on death, actually exists in a higher frequency band of light and therefore is not seen? Could it also be possible that the orbs and apparitions that we view with technology are what we actually look like, our essence or intelligence, and it is that that which ultimately survives the body on death?

Want a bit of fun?  There are now some super cool apps that you can download onto your smartphone or tablet that will allow you to communicate with the beings around you.  No more seances, mediums and ouija boards; spiritualism has gone high tech.  Two of the more popular apps are iOvilus and Ghost Radar.  The apps don’t actually detect changes in the electromagnetic field EMF like traditional paranormal detectors, but instead use streams of data from the device’s processing unit and memory.  Subtle changes in these values are then presented as graphical, textual and audible readouts to the user.  Entities in the unseen supposedly use the device and app much like a blank sheet of paper in order to communicate.  These apps are not meant to be for serious ghost hunters but instead are sold as entertainment.  You decide whether they work or not.

Here is a great video documentary on orbs from an expert in this field, Micael Ledwith.  We love to hear your  thoughts, please leave us a comment below: