Dating back to as early as 1896 when Nikola Tesla suggested that radio could be used to contact extraterrestrial life, humanity has been on a search for other civilizations that may exist across the void of space.  With funding from places like NASA, scientists have trained vast arrays of radio telescopes toward the skies, systematically combing every inch of the horizon in the hopes of finding the signs of intelligent life coming from some distant galaxies.  Organized under the acronym  SETI (the Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) scientists have reasoned that a civilizations that had developed to the stage of being able to communicate using electromagnetic radiation may have the ability to communicate with us also.

Although I commend the dedicated scientists and astronomers who are engaged in projects that extend human knowledge and understanding of the world, I wonder too at their seeming blindness to other evidence which may actually have justified their search.  To me the SETI project appears to be way of keeping humanity  in a state of ignorance rather than extending our knowledge.  By convincing the general populace that serious effort is being undertaken by  genuine scientists to find other life in the universe,  all the other evidence that shows that intelligent life is actually ALREADY HERE can be dismissed as being “unscientific.”

Everyday people armed with video enabled smart phones capture unusual aerial phenomena visible in the skies above our heads on a daily basis.  A quick search on Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO’s) on YouTube reveal that strange craft, capable of unworldly technological feats such as anti-gravity, invisibility and movement at tremendous speeds are now a common occurrence.  The evidence for these sightings mount when several observers, who are unrelated,  have seen and captured video footage of the self-same phenomena but from different locations.  None the less, these sightings are generally dismissed by the experts as being  hoaxes, weather balloons or other atmospheric phenomena and the populace generally agrees with the experts.

With the free-flow of ideas and information that have come as a result of the internet, the stigma of sharing one’s experiences about once taboo subjects like UFO’s, crop-circles and ancient aliens is now beginning to lift and allow new knowledge and new understandings to seep into human consciousness.

If you are still unconvinced that extraterrestrial life is interacting today with the earth, then treat yourself to the video below.  This is a compendium of sightings just for the year 2012. Please let us know what you think by commenting below: