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The object is to discover a series of five numbers in ten attempts. The puzzle lets you know with each guess which numbers are correct and which are in the correct position in the sequence. Using deductive logic you can eliminate error with each new guess, but it also happens that after several guesses your subconscious allows you to see the completed number in your mind. This one puzzle is useful for using both sides of the brain. Master Mind is an excellent exercise in logic while also using the intuition.

You have ten guesses to find the correct number. You are guessing a sequence of five numbers, both in position and value. Enter five numbers in the "Guess" text box and then hit the button to submit.

The numbers under the red light show correct guesses, but in the wrong position. The numbers under the black light show how many numbers are in the right position.

You have six minutes to complete the task.

The Start/Stop button starts the clock.

Good Luck!


Your Guess:


Digits Right

In Right Position

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