“All we are is a result of what we have thought”  Buddha

One of my favorite pastimes is to watch movies.  Generally after a day of doing what it takes to earn a living and take care of the necessities of life in order to survive, there is nothing better than to put one’s feet up and veg in front of the tube.  Ever wondered, however, if what you are viewing is having an effect on your life?  If you watch violent movies for example do you become more violent?

Most people would surmise that what you watch or read, or the games that you play for entertainment are just that; “entertainment.”  They are just thoughts: electrical and chemical reactions swimming around within your brain and go no further than the confines of your head.  But are thoughts more than just that?  Do they have an impact beyond your skull and do they have an influence in your life?

Think about it.  Everything that you do, every action that you take, every word that you speak is first preceded by a thought.  So is the world created by how we think? Absolutely!

Now back to TV and movie watching.  Ever watched a good movie or TV show and thought about it all the next day?  Did you tell all of your friends to watch and found yourself becoming totally involved in the drama?  Did you ever find yourself wanting to look like the characters, dress like them and take on their mannerisms?  If you have, then what you watched actually moved from being just entertainment to affecting your life and tangible reality.

Movies and TV are one of the greatest tools to modify people’s behavior.  It is well known on Madison Avenue that advertising works or else your viewing pleasure would not be interrupted so much by those pesky commercials.  Whatever is repeated over and over  subliminally sinks into your consciousness and results in new thoughts that cause new actions in your life.  In the case of advertising, to convince the customer to buy the product.

So what if instead of putting advertising messages into your brain that you decided to put something meaningful there, help you to make a change or get something in your life that you really want? What if all you had to do to get it was to sit back, relax and watch TV?  Well now you can!

NOWTheater and IGetRealTV have a collection of self-transformational videos filled with uplifting music and sounds of nature, brilliant colors, beautiful backdrops, breathtaking scenes, motion graphics, 3D animations and clear declarations of inner strength and freedom.   “NOWtheater opens new doorways with a broad range of uplifting themes such as: gratitude, health, abundance, freedom, love, creativity, confidence, peace, and many more. So sit back, relax, or better yet, sit up, pay attention and cause your intention to create your life, your day, your moment, each moment, starting NOW.”

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