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"The secret of the clairvoyant's power may consist in the fact that he or she is able to effect a momentary form of fusion or collaboration between the conscious mind and the secret self."

Le Talamonti

Creativity and the ability to Remote View are intimately connected. Much of what is gleaned as creative vision or an intuited idea is accessed through the same channels that psychic information is obtained. To be truly creative you need to use all of your mental, emotional and spiritual potential. If you exclude any one of these areas of perception, you have limited your creative potential accordingly. Below we have created a special tool to help enhance your ability to Remote View.

Remote View


Remote Viewing is one form of psychic ability. This is the ability to view with the 'mind's eye' something that is not presently in front of you in space or time. To use your psychic faculties simply means reaching beyond the level of the five senses. There is far more to reality than what the senses are revealing to you. Anyone who has knowledge of the electromagnetic spectrum realizes that our eyes and ears only perceive a very narrow margin of the frequencies that abound and interlace our environment.

The greatest obstacle in learning to use your latent psychic abilities is a dependency on your five senses. One way to prove this is to sit with some optical illusions or auditory illusions for a short time, and you will be convinced that your senses can be very deceptive. Thus, if they are not giving you a totally accurate, but merely approximate, view of the world, perhaps they should not be totally relied upon as the only basis for discerning reality.

The ability to intuit extrasensory information has long been labeled a sixth sense. This closely describes what is actually occurring. As in the image above, the ability to tap deeper layers of mind is always there. You first need to reach beyond your preconceptions, disbelief and assumption that ESP is impossible. Once you have trained the mind to relax, these deeper levels of mind are readily discernible.


The ability to remote view, or use one's psychic capacity, is not new. If you are in doubt about the reality of these abilities you need only do a search on the Internet for Remote Viewing and read the overwhelming evidence. There are numerous sites describing Remote Viewing, and many former US military agents have come forward to testify that the US government, as well as other governments, have been training and using these psychic abilities for over thirty years in high level political arenas. SRI, formerly Stanford Research Institute, has been training Remote Viewers for over twenty years. The suggested reading below documents this research and training.

We are going to presume that you understand and accept that we all have the ability to perceive information not apparent to our senses. If you don't accept this, the following won't be of much use to you. If you have already experienced your own intuition, or had specific psychic knowing, you will have no trouble seeing the connections between creativity and Remote Viewing.

What we have put together here is a practical tool to help you enhance these abilities in yourself. To be thoroughly understood, any talent must be practiced, preferably daily, for a period of time. This not only creates a neural network in the brain, it becomes cumulative in knowledge and builds self-confidence. Knowing that you can do something is more than half the battle of accomplishment. Practicing until you gain a level of skill is the best way we know how to acquire any talent.

To use the following color perception tool you must first clear your mind and become as relaxed as possible. Putting on some Baroque or other soothing background music can be very helpful. Click on the Remote View button below. On the linked page there are two buttons on the left-hand side of the screen. The button marked 'Void' will return the screen to black. The button marked 'New Color' will put a randomly accessed color on the screen.

To do this effectively, stare at the black screen for a few seconds. Place your mouse on the New Color button. Relax, close your eyes and click the New Color button. A color will appear on the screen. All colors emit a different frequency. This frequency can be picked up by the mid-brain limbic system. Either immediately, or within fifteen seconds, you will 'feel' what color is there. Make a choice between eleven basic colors: red, pink, orange, yellow, dark blue, light blue, brown, light green, dark green, purple and white. Open your eyes and see if you have discerned the right color. Click the 'Void' button again to return the screen to black and repeat the process.

Remote View Applet
Remote View Website

The applet allows you to remote view not only colors but words, numbers, symbols and images.

Doing this exercise for about fifteen minutes every day will enhance your psychic or remote viewing abilities. There are many other exercises we will be including on this site in the near future which will help to enhance your creative, intuitive, and extra-sensorial abilities.

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