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IQ tests usually measure your verbal and mathematical skills. What we want to do here is measure your associative flexibility. There may be other possible answers than the ones given, but at least you can use this as a gauge to see how fluid your thinking skills are.

This test will give you some idea of your mental plasticity and, therefore, creativity.

INSTRUCTIONS: Each question below contains the initials of the words that will make it a correct phrase. Find the missing words.

FOR EXAMPLE: 7=D in a W.

ANSWER: 7= Days in a Week.

  • 26=L of the A
  • 7=W of the W
  • 1001=A N
  • 12= S of the Z
  • 54=C in the D[with the J]
  • 9=P in the SS
  • 88=P K
  • 13=S on the A F
  • 32= D F at which W F
  • 18= H on a G C
  • 90= D in a R A
  • 200= D for P G in M
  • 8=S on a S S
  • 3= B M [S H T R]
  • 4= Q in a G
  • 24= H in a D
  • 1= W on a U
  • 5= D in a Z C
  • 57= H V
  • 11= P on a F T
  • 1000= W that a P is W
  • 29=D in F in a L Y
  • 64= S on a C
  • 40 = D. and N. of the G.F.
  • Spend some time on this before you rush to see the answers. This is not a competition, so you won't win anything by doing it quickly. In fact, you may want to work at it over a couple of days until you come up with something for each question. In any case, enjoy yourself, and see what phrases and ideas come to mind that fit the above associations.

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