Well, it has been many years since the creator of this site Janet Read passed.  She was really a forward thinking individual and if you read through her articles they are as relevant today as when she first wrote them.  In the intervening years, advances in our understanding of the nature of the world have radically changed.  It is our intention to bring many of the concepts that she wrote about up to date and include much additional material that has surfaced since her death in 2000……hence the creation of the new Enchanted Mind Blog.

The site is now interactive, so you will be able to share our posts on your favorite social media sites as well as add to the conversation with your comments.  Soon  you will also be able to have your own account on this site and receive all of the latest posts directly to your inbox.

We are truly excited to be able to bring you new and innovative ideas in the realms of science, neuroscience, brain and mind.

So Enjoy!